Procedural Writing.

WALHT write a procedure.
Something I learned about writing a procedure is it means writing a set of instructions.
Something I would like to do better is to have more adverbs.
Here is my learning.

Jelly pops
Goal: how to make jelly pops.

Requirements: packet of jelly, fruit sticks, measuring cup, whisk, jug, party cups and boiling water/water be careful it’s hot.

1. Set out party cups on table.

2.Pour hot water into jug then pour jelly in the jug.

3.Pour the jelly in the party cups and then put fruit sticks in the jelly.

4.Let set for 30 minutes in the fridge.


We learned salsa and hip hop.
I enjoyed learning the moves.
I learned the cookaracher step in salsa.


WALHT display data in a bar graph.
Something I learned was you need tally chart before you do a bar graph.
Here is a photo of my learning.

My next step is make different bar graphs.


WALHT add a twist to our writing.
Here is my poem:

I didn’t BUT I did

I didn’t see a classroom in the sky
I didn’t see a floating flag
I didn’t see a face on a building
BUT I did see a movie

I didn’t eat the moon
I didn’t eat a computer
I didn’t eat my teacher
BUT I did eat McDonalds

I didn’t stand on an emoji
I didn’t go into my computer
I didn’t go in rocket

BUT I did go trampolining

Next time I would like to more detail.