Term 1 Writing

I am learning to:
  • write a thank you letter

I will know I am successful when………...
My letter includes:
⏭ an address                           ⏭ the short date     
⏭ Dear……… - on a line by itself ⏭ a thank you sentence
⏭ an appreciation sentence        ⏭ extra details about the day   
From - on a line by itself       ⏭ my name - on a line by itself

Kākano Whakatauki

I am learning the Kākano Team whakatauki.

I will know that I am successful when:
  • I can say the whakatauki from memory, in Te Reo and English
  • I can talk about how the whakatauki is connected to my learning

Nō he kākano iti, e puawai ana he kahikatea
From a small seed, a tall tree will blossom